Teles VoIPBOX FXO 8 Gateway 8x FXO Port Nagyobb

Teles VoIPBOX FXO 8 Gateway 8x FXO Port


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8x FXO Port

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259 080 Ft‎
204 000 Ft‎ Áfa nélkül

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Cost Effective Migration

Connect your current infrastructure - as is - to the world of VoIP. Combination call and data routing solutions, VoIPBOX FXO/FXS gateways are analog VoIP gateways with a built-in router. The premium suite of features ensures complete compatibility with your current telephone equipment and total interoperability with all third-party VoIP equipment.

Stand-alone Functionality

Eliminate the need for an external gatekeeper or SIP server, speed up call establishment, reduce network maintenance, and improve network robustness. The VoIPBOX FXO/FXS architecture accomplishes all this by eliminating a single point of failure. An Officer gateway maintains and distributes updated dialing tables. Each gateway performs address translation and any gateway can take over the Officer function.

Outstanding Flexibility and Ease of Use

Maximize dialing plan flexibility. VoIPBOX FXO/FXS gateways support a broad range of numbering plans and allow configuration to the port level. For flexibility in calling, VoIPBOX FXO/FXS gateways enable two-stage dialing. Customizable IVRs assist throughout the process.

Traffic-shaping Built-in Router

Featuring a traffic-shaping, built-in router with NAT-enabled firewall, the VoIPBOX FXO/FXS delivers a highly functional integrated IP router, and a built in DHCP server. Get LAN switching, WAN routing, and VoIP all in one package.

Guaranteed Voice Quality

Ensure superior voice quality. In addition to all the standard VoIP features - like echo cancellation, silence suppression and comfort noise - VoIPBOX FXO/FXS's premium feature set includes the best available DSPs, traffic shaping, and multi-level fallback.

Secure Environment

Protect against non-authorized access with VoIPBOX FXO/FXS's three levels of security: encrypted remote management, gateway level/call level authentication, and an embedded firewall. The firewall can be configured to varied levels of security, including total block-out of all data except for VoIP.
  • VoIP gateway with 8 analog ports
  • Built-in router with NAT enabled firewall
  • Toll-grade voice compression
  • T.38 fax support
  • No single point-of-failure
  • Multi-level security
  • Multi-path call switching
  • Signal learning using built-in signal analyzer 



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Teles VoIPBOX FXO 8 Gateway 8x FXO Port

Teles VoIPBOX FXO 8 Gateway 8x FXO Port

8x FXO Port

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